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I founded Genomera to bring Internet scale to health research — people generating health science evidence & creating breakthrough discoveries.

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(Vitamin) D sleep factors Organizer & Data Participant

Aging: risk reduction for common aging conditions through monitoring & intervention Data Participant

Aging: telomere length and telomerase activation therapy Discussion Participant

Butter Mind Organizer & Discussion Participant

Butter Mind 2 Discussion Participant

Butter Mind 3: Cognitive Effects of Butter Organizer

Co-Show Flow Discussion Participant

Diabesity Prevention Data Participant

Dopamine Genes and Rapid Reality Adaptation in Thinking Discussion Participant

Effects of Niacin on Restless Leg Syndrome Discussion Participant

Gut Sense Data Participant

Improving Sleep with Saturated Fat Data Participant

Improving female pattern baldness Discussion Participant

Knowledge generation through self-experimentation Data Participant

Microbiome Profiling Response to Probiotic in a Healthy Cohort Data Participant

Mind - Body - Blood Pressure Data Participant

Orange you sleepy? Discussion Participant

Patient community as therapy - a randomized controlled trial Discussion Participant

Reducing Jet Lag (and Other Health Effects) with Earthing Mats Discussion Participant

Retin-A: wonder cream for acne and wrinkles? Is there a genomic link? Discussion Participant

Sharing Health Information Data Participant

Sleep, caffeine, and genetics! Data Participant

Sleep: Genetic Predisposition for Healthy Sleep Data Participant

Sleepless University Organizer & Data Participant

Social Intelligence Genomics & Empathy-Building Discussion Participant

Subjective Experience - Citizen Qualia Study Data Participant

The RSI (Repetitive Stress Injury) Study Discussion Participant

Vegan Diet for Blood Sugar Control Discussion Participant

Vitamin B-9 and MTHFR variants Data Participant

Vitamin D Study Data Participant


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