Microbiome Profiling Response to Probiotic in a Healthy Cohort


Evaluate the impact of an over the counter (OTC) probiotic on the gut microbiome


Critical to digestive health, the microbiome is a newly available personal health data stream. Join this first-ever participant-organized citizen science microbiome project! Second Genome will provide microbiome sequencing to analyze potential shifts in the gut microbiome before and after 4 weeks of a daily dose of an OTC probiotic such as Culterelle® (Lactobacillus GG). A personalized report will be provided to each participant with the global shift in microbiome bacterial abundance by individual and study group, and a personalized profile of ratios pre and post intervention of Firmicutes, Bacteroidetes, Helicobacter pylori, and the most abundant 10-15 bacterial taxa at the phylogenetic family level (DRAFT of sample report). Human genetic SNPs related to Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn's Disease are optionally requested to see if they may have a connection with microbiome profiles.

This pioneering citizen science study is offered at a special low-price of $799 for the first 50 participants. This includes the two microbiome sequences (which compares favorably to $1800 for one sequence). The probiotic intervention must also be purchased (approximately $20-30). List your study participation on a crowdfunding site: MedStartr, Kickstarter, PetriDish, RocketHub.

Please indicate your interest by joining this flagship study as a Data Participant. Post questions to the study wall. Additional details will be posted as they become available. The study is preliminarily estimated to launch in September 2012.

Special Endorsement from Larry Smarr, a leading scientist at UC San Diego "I believe that this is a very important study. Unless one can quantitatively measure the microbial ecology distribution before and after therapy, medicine is really flying blindly. This is particularly true in chronic inflammatory diseases such as Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Second Genome brings to the citizen the capability to assess which microbes are present in your colon and which are depleted. This is a huge advance over the 100 year old method of culturing bacteria, since only a small fraction of your gut microbes can be cultured. I look forward to being a part of this pioneering citizen science experiment!"

Resources: the recently completed Human Microbiome Project and book: The Wild Life of Our Bodies

Inclusion Criteria

Healthy adults interested in their gut microbiome and how it may be impacted by a probiotic intervention.

Exclusion Criteria

No serious medical disorders including functional gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, MS, depression, autoimmune disease, and asthma, and no tricyclic antidepressants. No antibiotics three months prior to first sample collection and during the study, no probiotic supplements three months prior to the beginning of the study and no concomitant probiotic supplements during the study except for the assigned probiotic. No ingested steroids three months prior to the first sample collection and during the study. Individuals who are being treated or have ever been treated with chemotherapeutic agents will be excluded. No children (< 18 years of age).

Day 1: Order microbiome sequencing kit

Order a stool sample sequencing kit from Second Genome with a credit card payment of $799. Detailed instructions are on the Study Overview tab (when study is live).

Day 1: Purchase probiotic intervention

Purchase 30-days worth of the probiotic specified on the Study Overview tab online or at a local drug store. The cost should be approximately $20-30. Take the priobiotic once a day with food at the same time of day for 30 days after completing the first stool sample collection.
Repeat every day, ending after 30 occurrences.

Day 1: Upload your genomic data (optional)

Upload your genomic data file to Genomera and select permissions. Click Profile at the top right.

Day 30: Second sample collection

After taking the priobiotic for 30 days, complete the second stool sample collection.



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scottj I just posted a short article about gut flora on my blog. Hopefully we can round up enough participants to move forward. By the way, is anyone interested in tracking cognitive performance via www.quantified-mind.com during this study?


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gbiggers It is great to see more people joining this study. For all of us receive the preferential pricing on the microbiome assays, we need more data participants. Two ways you can invite others: 1. Anyone who joins from the following URL will automatically enter the Genomera private beta and this study. Feel free to share this link in email or social media (or face to face): http://genomera.com/studies/4ff20183df53db0c670000d6 2. Use the INVITE FRIENDS button in the upper right corner of the study page to have the system send invites to email addresses or Genomera usernames.


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